Monday, February 17, 2014

I never thought about my copious skills until they were shown to me

In January (2014) I completed an online candidate assessment.  It consisted of 3 parts each containing 17 questions and I had 45 minutes to complete the test.  The first part was made up of what I would call IQ type testing where I had to choose a missing piece of the puzzle to complete a very complex patterning sequence.  It was very challenging and I did not feel very confident about my answers.  The second two parts of the test were more about personality traits.  Ordering traits that are more or less important to you and ranking personal attributes on numerous scales.  This was also challenging in that I had to make decisions such as: Am I more likely to hurt someone's feelings or show up late for work?  Ideally, I don't want to do either of things but honestly, I'm more likely to hurt someone's feelings than be late for work so I chose my answers as honestly as possible.  It wasn't an easy assessment to complete but I got it done within the time given (I think - there was actually no clock telling me the amount of time remaining); maybe that's how they assess your time management skills, by not giving you a count-down clock but telling you numerous times that you only have 45 minutes?

So I completed the assessment and logged in the next day to see my results (click here to see).  To my surprise, they are amazing. Not only are my test scores high in terms of percentages and "rarity" in the workforce, as I read through the different attributes that apparently described me, I was shocked how accurate the descriptions were. The "bell curve" images for each attribute also appeal highly to my sociological mind!

I am most pleased with my task management score (95.5%) and problem solving score (78.9%) as the test says that based on averages, 50% of the workforce will not achieve a score higher than 50 on problem solving and I'm almost 30 points higher than this!  I guess I didn't do so poorly on those patterning sequencing after all.

Another high point in the test results is my conscientiousness score of 94.5% - placing me in the top 6% of the workforce.  That descriptions says I am exceptionally likely to excel in being organized, industrious, diligent and hardworking. Compared to most people, managing time, staying motivated and exercising self-discipline are likely to come extremely easily for me.  Individuals with similar scores have reported they greatly enjoy and shown an exceptional ability to execute complex tasks, to adhere to deadlines, and to follow procedures, such as sales processes, reporting, admin work, and safety procedures. I am extremely likely to have exceptional attention to detail, extraordinary aptitude for following up on tasks and processes that take place over long periods, and being unusually careful in thinking before acting. I am very likely to set much higher standards than most people and to have an exceptional ability to attain those standards. -  While I know this to be true about myself on the small scale, to hear so many great attributes applied to myself makes me feel like a worthy employee and that I am an asset to the organization where I work.

At first I was disappointed by my low "Agreeable" score; only a 16.6%?!?! But when I read the description, for someone who wants to be in a manageable position like myself, it's a good score as it says: Being assertive isn't difficult for me. I am a reasonably critical person. It is unlikely that I'll be taken advantage of, and compared to most people I don't struggle with making decisions. If forced to choose between protecting peoples feelings and getting something done right, I'll choose the latter almost every time. - Wow, this is true and, like I said, just the attributes a leader needs to have.

I have saved the images and descriptions from this assessment b/c I have no idea how long is going to keep my profile live on their website. I have create a page on my own website to display my results.

After seeing all my skills and attributes in this new way I am convinced that I can be a grand asset to any organization who allows me to achieve my potential.

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