Monday, December 30, 2013

2013; year end

The final, or almost, day of 2013... Happy to be posting something before another year passes since my last post. So where are things at at the end of 2013?  I'm still most commonly found on Facebook.  Although I've come to enjoy seeing people's photos on Instagram even though it's by far full of photos of my 'friends' children and their doings. I see the appeal of Instagram, thanks to our (not so new anymore) social media gal at work. That's right, I'm still working the corporate sales and we hired someone else to take over the SM. 'Twas sad to let it go but I couldn't do it all so I've off-loaded the 'fun' SM campaigns and tracking (and contests!!!) to the 'new' gal, who is awesome btw. Anyway we're using Instagram at work and it's enjoyable to see customers post photos of their gifts.

Twitter remains in the background for me. I still re-tweet some interesting tweets from time to time and follow an array of famous-for-five-minutes reality TV "stars."  Linked-in gets my attention a few times a week. It seems it's becoming more popular for job postings, which seems like a great use for this platform. I hope to see more of that. We hired our awesome SM gal through Linked-in and the job posting fee (about 6 months ago) was less than $300. If they can keep the fee reasonable like this it could really take off as the place professionals go to job search IMO. I've filled in my profile to the max and even I'm impressed by my profile. This seems like a great unique use for this platform. Remember when Facebook used to have a marketplace where you could post things you wanted to sell?  Does that still exist? That never really took off, I'd say. Linked-in has real potential if it can keep up and focus on it's unique strengths.

For 2014, besides goals I won't publish on my public blog, I'm hoping to take up a new hobby.... Collaging!  Spell check isn't a fan of that spelling so maybe that's not a word.  That is to say, making collages from magazine clippings in unique ways to depict other types of images. It's something that has interested me since university days. On my dorm room door in Hilliard I had a collage of words and images that I thought described me at the time. In fact, I have a big envelope, from those days, full of magazine clippings I can't wait to dive into again after allllll these years.  I have been using Pinterest for inspiration. Collaging will hopefully be my new 2014 hobby!  I'll let y'all know how that goes. Signing off, 2013, over and out.

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