Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sharing a unique cover letter

I'm trying to impress my dream company this week with this unique cover letter.  I'm quite impressed with myself.  Hoping it's enough to stand out and make an impression!

(In the future, I may add a blurb about the challenges I had trying to create this "graphic" using Google Docs "Draw" (due to resolution issues) before I surrendered to doing it properly in Photoshop!)

Dear "Dream Company," In keeping with Anna Lambert’s 2019 article on how Shopify uses one’s Life Story as part of the hiring process I thought I’d introduce myself by putting a few highlights of mine in front of you. The following are markers from my career, my side projects and my interests which highlight how my life story makes me a strong candidate for your Customer On-boarding Lead role at Shopify Plus. I very much look forward to expanding on my experiences and skills with you in-person soon.

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