Friday, January 4, 2019

#Best6 (or #Best12 if you're me) for 2018

#Best6 is a popular hashtag this time of year as people reflect on their best moments (captured by photos) from the previous year.  I had a hard time choosing only 6 - as many people do no doubt - so I did a #Best6 x 2 to capture my 2018 year.

#Best6 part 1 includes our big family trip to California including sheer terror on Tyler's face riding a rocking boat at Santa Monica Pier. Man, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile; all captured in photos! If this lad gets married I'll be sure to show them at his wedding.  We also enjoyed a cruise to the Bahamas and scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale.  Just had to include the Mother’s Day tea in Goderich (with fancy hats!) which started a series of events of me researching my own business.  Maybe I'll post about that in the future...

#Best6 part 2 includes photos of my childhood home that my Mom, brother and I had the opportunity to visit (such amazing memories!).  My hubby won a poker tourney (fun!) and I took my 89 year old Grandma to Florida and we toured 4 "tea rooms" so I had to include a 3-generation photo of the awesome memories that trip created.  The cake photo represents the launch of the Shopify website at work (read my blog post about that here)  The dining room photo marks the fact we sold our house in 2018; love(d) that dining room window and bench!  Also, a family wedding from November ended the year off nicely.

And that's my #Best12 for 2018.  What were your best moments of the year?