Monday, October 5, 2015

Desperately Seeking my Avatar!

I was working on a personal Infographic a couple of weeks ago and wanted to include the avatar that I associate with my online self.  The one copy I have on my old lap top is small and I knew I couldn't use it for my Infographic.  This black and white image, of a girl's face, with a quirky grin and big glasses feels like how I see and present myself online.  I knew that I had originally found the image within a font set WAY back when I first started online.  I knew I had downloaded a few different font faces that were ding-bats, and wing-bats, and web-bats so I googled these terms like mad.  I added "vintage" "old" "1990s" "retro" etc. to my google searches.  I tried for an hour on 3 different occasions to find the original font where my avatar came from. I even posted a plea on Twitter hoping someone could help me find her!

I was starting to lose hope until I saw a google image of another glyph that looked familiar so I clicked to enlarge the image and voila! There she was with her quirkly smile smiling back at me.  I was SO happy to have found the name of the font and be able to download it and get myself a larger version of my avatar.  I was surprised to learn that the font face was made in 1998!  Of course, that made me feel old but reinforced just how long I have really been online for.

I found the creator's Twitter handle and quickly tweeted him a thank you.  So happy to be reunited with my quirky avatar (which is now my Twitter prorfile image)!

October 2015 addition: I'm still using web-gal as my Twitter pic.  Still really happy to be reunited with my fav icon. Even added her to the bottom of my infographic, because it just wasn't quite right without her!

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