Friday, November 11, 2016

Five Things I Learnt About Tech Start-Ups During My 4-Month Tenure

1.  Things change on the dime.  My experience showed me that start-ups are nimble. They are able to react to marketplace changes quickly.  The founders could wake-up one day and decide to take the business in a completely different direction… AND have it on that new road by 8pm that same day.  This is a major advantage to start-ups!

2.  They care less about formal work hours.  Working 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 seems to be less of a concern at a start-up than a well-established business with lots of employees.  Have a day-time appointment?  No problem!  Unlimited vacation (I still don't know what that really means) seems to be the way these places operate.  This has its good and bad points from my experience.

3.  The newest and best tech is available for you at a start-up.  They don't seem to skimp on computers, lap-tops, or whatever other tech may apply to their business.  For techies this is appealing.

4.  You'll learn terms you've never heard before, unique to not only the specific industry but the start-up community itself.  In the first few days you’ll learn several terms JUST about raising funds and getting investors on-board.  You'll learn new words every-day.  “Seed Round”

5.  Uncertainly looms large.  Because things are so fluid and quick to change at start-ups, for people who value stability, like myself, a start-up might make you ill-at-ease.  When will the funding run out?  What direction will the business head tomorrow?  Is my role going to change?  Will I still have a job here next week?  Some may strive in this environment while others may perish.  Buckle your seat belt for what could be a bumpy ride!

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