Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Defining business success, for me

Shameful how long it's been since I added a post here. But alas, here I am. Today I "stagged" my business for sale. The photographer came and took the panoramic photos and the place has never looked better! And after 2 years and 10 months of running the business, I am ready to move on.  How can that be so?!?

owner alyshia at queen of hearts tea house kitchener ontario

When I'm really honest with myself the short answer is: Because once I've acheived my goal I am ready to accomplish the next one. The goal when I set out to start my own business was: TO OWN AND RUN A SUCCESSFFUL TEA ROOM. I would define a "successful" tea room as:

  • Having a great reputation with repeat customers.
  • Being proud of the tea experience I have created for customers.
  • Having business sytems in place that make it run smoothly.
  • Having hired and trained reliable staff whom I have a good working relationship with.
  • Having a plethora of stellar Google reviews and/or Facebook reviews.
  • Having a profitable business.

And I have accomplished all of those things in this short time so I consider my endeavour to own and run a successful tea room complete!

On the selfish side, I am missing my "weekends" (i.e. two dedicated days "off" from "work" in a row which often fall on Saturday and Sunday) and I am jealous of alllllll the people who have been able to "work from home" for the past 2+ pandemic years.  I have worked all (with a couple of rare exceptions) Saturdays and Sundays for the past 34 months and now I want a home office and I want my weekends back!

I will certainly miss my beautiful tea room but I hope it can live on with the next owner. Hopefully it will continue to serve customers a memorable Afternoon Tea experience in our region, allbeit without me. Of course, I am already excited for the next un-known chapter in my life. Wow, do I ever thrive on change and challenging myself!  Bring it on world;!

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