Monday, March 13, 2017

Charmed with Alyshia - My KEEP Story

So for 2017 I set a goal to make my life more meaningful.  I was starting to feel like all I was doing was going to work, making supper, watching TV until bedtime and waiting for the weekend to make actual life plans. This is no way to live!  I considered getting a part-time job; something easy but worried that I'd be grouchy being away from home (and my couch!) in the evenings and weekends.  So in an effort to spend my evening and other "free time" doing something meaningful I stumbled upon Keep Collective.  The perfect mix of what I do professionally (ecommerce and marketing) as well as something creative (designing jewellery) and I recently started wearing jewellery so the timing was perfect!  I did my research: Do I love the product? [I do! So versatile and fun!]What was my initial cost? [Less than $200] What was my commitment? [None!] and What was my potential income? [Unlimited based on how hard I wanted to work - the commission structure seemed sound and bonus, I would earn lots of free product!]  What support is available to me if I join? [A LOT! Tonnes of Facebook groups and I would have a mentor. And the website itself is amazing! - check it out]

So with my research done I sign-up and was well on my way.  So far, being two full months into it, things are going well.  Everyone is very receptive towards the jewellery which validates my decision.  Most of my close friends have made a purchase and some even hosted parties for me (online or in real life).  Things are going well.  And I've earned a VERY good amount of free product so I have a great personal collection and get to choose what KEEP I want to wear each day to inspire me.

Keep Collective Favs
I can't say I'm going to hang onto this forever but for the next few months I'm enjoying the ride.  I get to meet new people, play on the internet making designs, and wear pretty charms that make my happy.  And so my 2017 to make life more meaningful has been a success.  Reach out if you're interested in joining my KEEP team or if I can design you a special Keep bracelet or necklace; I'm here to help!

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