Sunday, March 24, 2013

A year gone by! A social media (in my life) update.

Wowzers!  I stumbled upon my own blog today and imagine my surprise when I see that it was a year ago since I set up the account and a year ago since I posted anything.  For shame!!!  My intention was to have "interesting" things to say at least every month or so.  So far that certainly hasn't happened.  Will it change going forward?  I won't promise anything.  I do love writing and now that the PhD degree is on hiatus perhaps more blogging can be a writing venue for me.  Again, I won't promise anything.

So where are things at with Social Media in my life?  Not much has changed.  Facebook is still my main social network.  I sometimes read updates on Twitter (such as t.v. show spoilers) and sometimes retweet an interesting post.  Rarely (if ever) go on Pinterest.  No good reason... it serves an interesting purpose but I don't take time to creep it.  I do enjoy creeping Linkedin on a bi-weekly (or so) basis.  I wish more people were on there and I had more connections.  The new feature of "endorsing" people's skills is nifty... you can quickly click "endorse" on a specific skills on your connection's profiles.  Linkedin keeps a running tally of those endorsements.  That seems like a quick way to interact with people and takes much less time then writing an actual endorsement for the person. 

Have not spent any time on Google+, nor Instagram (has anyone???).  I do enjoy the new photo filters that Facebook has introduced in the past few months (did this come from Facebook's purchase of Instagram?  Probably).  Besides the filters I have little use for Instagram.  As said, Facebook still reigns supreme in my life.

A friend/acquantance recently suggested to me that his daughter (who is approx 11 years old) ONLY communicates on Twitter with her friends.  He says this is b/c her parents aren't on Twitter (and they are on Facebook); so she's avoiding her parentals creeping her on Facebook.  And mainly the reason for her being on Twitter is b/c that's where her friends are.  It's an interesting thing to think about... is Facebook not appealing to the younger generation?  Is Facebook now going to only appeal to people in my generation and the yougins are to be found on Twitter.  This could have great impact for social media marketing.  Anyway, I have not looked into the stats but anecdotally it's interesting to note that Twitter is still alive and well, at least in my friend's daughter's peer group.

Work and social media - I've been *so* busy with corporate sales in the past several months that my social media expertise is falling behind.  Hopefully I can get the corporate sales responsibilities lifted back onto another employee so I can get back to the fun social media marketing activities.  I did sign up and take a quick "look around" HootSuite last week.  Totally unimpressed.  What's the big deal?  Unless you are managing several *very active* social media accounts I really don't see the big whoop about it.  And creating reports (that would hopefully be meaningful), takes more than the 4 minutes I put into testing it.  Although, before I write it off, I should spend some more time with the app. 

Okay, I'm signing off.  Hopefully I'll write something up again on here before another year goes by.
Stay social ya'll.  Cheers!

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